Monday, August 29, 2011

All's Fair in Love and Genocide

This one got strange.  Love, loss, massacre, and bin Laden.

          I've been thinking a lot about love, lust, and need recently due to an abortive and confusing little tango with an ex-girlfriend. I'm not talking the sort of thinking that makes me cry into my beer and wonder what went wrong or that makes me want to stand outside her window like John Cusack with a boombox playing “Closer”. The sort of thinking about what I want and by extension what others want, no-emo. I swear.

"I want to fuck you like an animal!"

          She wanted something slow, I wanted to hit her over the head and drag her off to my castle. This is a flaw I run into a great deal, where most people want to have something normal and decent that their parents and God would approve of, and me wishing it was still acceptable to claim a girl and nail her on the bar just so everyone knows whats what. Was that ever acceptable? Fuck it, lets pretend it was. I grew up in a Jewish suburb so the thought of a life more violent and full of blood and bare breasts is attractive to my somewhat screwed up brain, like a Heavy Metal magazine found by a fourteen year old.

The most simple of thoughts.

There is something unnatural about plastic ketchup bottles.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Found on my HD

Just some free-floating hostility penned on my recent trip to KY. It reads how you'd expect me to read after being on the road for I think 7 hours at that point.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mechanisms of God: A start

Okay, so here's the deal. All I have here are first drafts, to get me over my fear of showing my writing, but I believe I've grabbed that brass ring now.  My next step is going to be to revise. There will still be new posts, such as this, but alongside will be the hopefully improved versions of my deformed first draft children.  I had intended to leave the Brothers alone after my short story, but something inspired me. Jean in Order of the Holy Mechanism is now Brother Joachim d'Anjou, twin brother to the knight Jean d'Anjou.  Why the change? Because it felt right. Jean said it was okay.  This is still an emerging idea, but hey. I pledged to post EVERYTHING I write.

Just a blurb about someone who needs not be named.

"She wrote like a raging toddler plays the piano.  Angry, vicious, without style or practice, and unable to see the world around her because she is too busy slamming her face into the keys."

Monday, August 8, 2011

Essay Rough Draft

 The house is empty, rooms cleaned out and cluttered only with the open spaces where things used to sit.  Not bare, the furniature still remaining, various orthless knick-knacks standing in rows on shelves, standing silent vigil.  I look around the remains of my living room in a bit of a daze as I try to comprehend the scene.  It looks stripped as though some apocalypse had quietly happened and raiders had come to take anything of vale.

Dear Valued Customer: Part Four


I have attempted to be patient in regards to your account, but even with the flexible and generous payment plan our Delivery Representative said you agreed to I find myself in quite a bind. Your third order is also generous, and I will send said order through but it will be accompanied by a member of our Accounts Department. He will have full authorization to negotiate a better payment schedual for you, but I am afraid until we have seen a larger payment than simply Good Faith payments I cannot release further orders to you. Additionally any further communication will be via our accounts department as I would never wish to imply I personally do not trust you or that I value your money over your work. That being said we must cover our costs as I'm sure you understand.

From the desk of,
Jeremiah Pendleton, Esq.

Update and apologies

I fell behind on things. Writing, school, work, lots of stuff all at once conspired first to deplay Valued Customer as well as any other posts. Or writing.

So accept my apologies, and I'm going to be posting hopefully a great deal in the next few days. We'll see.

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